Shardiya Navratri 2021: This time why the ride of Maa Durga is not auspicious, what is the sign?

Navratri 2021: Shardiya Navratri has started from today.  Maa Durga is coming from Mount Kailash.  This year Maa Durga is coming riding in a doli (palanquin).  There are many questions in the mind of the people regarding this.  Navratri is also eight days this time, in such a situation whether the ride of Mother Goddess is auspicious or not.  Or what is going to be the effect of this, there is a state of confusion about all the questions.  So let us tell you about the ride of Mother Goddess and its effects.

 Gods and Goddesses have special vehicles

In Hinduism, every deity has a special vehicle, which also gives a different message.  For example, the vehicle of the first revered Ganesha is a rat.  The rat destroys evil thoughts.  Similarly, Lord Shiva’s vehicle is Nandi i.e. a bull, which is a symbol of strength and virility.  Now let’s talk about the vehicle of Maa Durga.  The ride of Maa Durga is by the way a lion, which is a symbol of power.  However, apart from the lion, there are four other vehicles of the mother, from which the mother goddess comes to earth from Kailash during the days of Navratri.  Each vehicle of Durga Maa gives a different message.  This year Maa Durga is coming riding in a doli, which is not considered auspicious.

 Five Vehicles of Durga Maa

According to beliefs, Durga Maa rides in elephants, horses, boat and palanquin apart from the lion.  Every year they come and go on two different vehicles, but whenever they choose a particular ride to come and go, the meaning is also different.  That is, their arrival and departure from the same ride indicate upheaval, natural calamities, wars, and social unrest, which can cause a crisis in the human race.  However, this year Goddess Durga is arriving from a doli and will depart from an elephant.

 Mother Goddess’s Vehicles and Her Signs

In this ride of Durga Maa, four people are seen carrying the palanquin.  It means that there is an epidemic or outbreak situation.  If we understand the sign of Maa Durga’s arrival or departure on this vehicle, then unless humans help each other and unite, they will continue to struggle with the coming epidemic and the journey of life will be difficult.

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