Septic Tank Cleaning Thiruvananthapuram Corporation

Septic Tank Cleaning Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, municipal corporation septage waste collecting system has been featured in ‘Digital India”s 75 successful conversion tales, which is a noteworthy accomplishment. On the list, there are only two projects from Kerala.

Under the ’75 Digitalization Stories,’ the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology produced Fast Pass, a centralized digital pass distribution system for septage collection, transport, disposal, and billing. The Geographic Data Scheme modeling of farmers involved in animal husbandry operations is the second Kerala plan to create the list.

According to the assessment, the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation’s e-governance initiative has affected the lives of thousands of employees who gather and carry septage while also preventing pollution of water sources. Septage garbage, which was formerly unlawfully gathered and deposited in public places, is now directly obtained under the company’s legal control and dealt with scientifically.

According to the commission’s evaluation, the project has re-engineered the local municipality’s processes and operations, as well as modified the mindsets and thinking of everyone involved, including elected officials, bureaucrats, the general public, and network operators.

The timescale for delivering the service to people has changed significantly, according to the assessment. The service is currently available only through the ‘Smart Trivandrum’ smartphone app in just a few hours. The app shows the number of the car coming to pick up the septage, as well as the driver’s identity and estimated arrival time. Concerns filed through the contact center or electronically are also immediately addressed, according to the assessment.

While V K Prasanth was Mayor, the municipality began this unique endeavor on April 18, 2019. There have been 28,289 visits to collect the provide some thus far. Thirty automobiles are on the road only for this reason. The septage is taken from all across the city and transported to Muttathara’s wastewater treatment facility (STP). Each truck makes at least three to four trips per day.

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