Sensational updates from the Heera Group to all their investors

Dr. Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of Heera Group, along with the assigned team, visited the Supreme Court of India to showcase the strong monetary proofs as well as submitted the property buyer’s information to the judge of the Apex Court in a secured envelope above and beyond the minimum liability criteria.

The prime property of the firm is worth more than Rs. 600 crores and is well enough to cover the claimed investors amount of Rs. 400 crores. The prime property out of 87 that is situated in Shaikpet, Tolichowki, Hyderabad has been surveyed by the designated team and is free of ED restrictions. The board is placed on the property with the allocated portions of land, and the buyers have the freedom to choose their choice of purchase according to their convenience. Certainly, the property is ready to register and will be sold soon.

The claimed investors are required to provide their authenticated documents that were provided at the time of investing in the organization. Once the verification process from the allocated team of the firm is verified in the records, the investor’s amount will be released. This is due to the fake investors’ indulging in their claim that they are not at all invested. The investors who have not claimed their investments will receive their margins for their investments as promised earlier.

The firm will be filing its income taxes with the Government of India in the months of March and April 2022. Then after, the processes will be progressed. The claimed investors again, after all these contradictions, will also have two choices from the firm: either they can opt for the property for their investments or receive the amount itself according to their comfort level.

The Heera Group family is grateful to all their well-wishers and will shortly reveal their upcoming business project, which will benefit everyone.

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