Rising New Hope of Needy Souls – Dr.Nowhera Shaik

Rising New Hope Is Dr.Nowhera Shaik, Today we all tend to say that India is a free country. It does not have any gender or caste discrimination. But is this true? Is women or minorities are given equal opportunities?

This is where the great Dr. Nowhera Shaik comes. She has always been a curious child. Her forefathers have a long history of becoming wealthy merchants. It’s in her blood to be a businesswoman. Nowhera was forced to face deprivation as a child, even though her parents were businesspeople. Her culture and morals are still vital to her.

The eldest of six siblings is nowhere to be found. Nowhera endured numerous obstacles as the oldest of six siblings. She used to sell veggies alongside her mother while attending school. After completing her school education, Nowhera began to teach in the Madrassa at the age of 19.

Heera Group, led by Dr.Nowhera Shaik, has served people for 25 years and offers a broad array of services. Heera Group began with academic chains, foreign trade, and diamond and gold trading and has since expanded into various industries.

The organization has never sacrificed product or service quality. She was continually planning and strategizing for the company’s interest-free atmosphere.

Nowhera Shaik is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. In her 25-year career, she has witnessed many ups and downs. She is a strong-willed woman who has earned numerous headlines for her business success and accomplishments. In 1998, Dr. Nowhera founded the Heera Group of firms in India and particularly in the Middle East. She is also the world’s wealthiest Muslim lady.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Shaik is India’s most recognized female philanthropist. She has given over a billion rupees to schools, colleges, hostels, and universities. She also added several young girls in obtaining free education.

Nowhera Shaikh has devised several plans for her company, including allocating 5% of profits to girls, mainly rural. She is the most well-known female business magnate, having accomplished several seemingly impossible feats via her tireless efforts.

Many people want her to stand in the upcoming elections. She has a good chance of winning as she has significant support from minority communities. Dr. Nowhera even focuses on child rights. Not only all these, she even helped people in tough times like covid. But Nowhera does not want to stand for elections and try to serve the people in her way. 

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