Rahul Gandhi Appeared In The ED Today

Rahul Gandhi Appeared In The ED Today. In association with the National Herald money laundering case, Rahul Gandhi, a former Congress president and MP from Wayanad, will appear before the Enforcement Directorate on Monday. The Delhi police apprehended several Congress members who chose to demonstrate in support of Gandhi outside his home early in the morning.

The ED has summoned both Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in connection with the National Herald investigation. However, on June 23, Congress President Pelosi, currently in the hospital; due to complications with Covid, will appear before the federal agency.

As part of an investigation into a contract between the National Herald; and Associated Journals Ltd, the ED summoned the Gandhi family on June 1. As the Congress leader who is now out of the nation; Rahul Gandhi requested additional time from the agency before he could appear on June 2. Sonia’s Covid-19 infection necessitated extra time off.

Congress members organized a rally in the nation’s capital to show their support for Rahul before his interrogation. They were denied permission to conduct a rally by the Delhi Police, citing public safety concerns.

What Is The National Herald?

The National Herald newspaper was established in 1938 by Jawaharlal Nehru, who later served as India’s first Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather was Jawaharlal Nehru. In addition to the Qaumi Awaz and the Navjeevan, the firm published two other daily newspapers in Urdu and Hindi.

What Are The Allegations Against Congress (Rahul Gandhi Appeared In The ED Today)?

Mr. Swamy brought the case against the Gandhis to trial in 2012. Swamy pleads that the Gandhis exploited party funds and AJL to buy more than 20 billion property holdings.

AJL owed Congress a total of 900 million rupees ($13 million; £10 million) at the time of the closure of the National Herald in 2008.

Congress transferred the debt to a non-profit business called Young India Private Limited in 2010. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are on; the company’s board of directors, and each owns a stake of 38% in the firm.

Swamy claims Gandhis used a “subterfuge” to “take over” millions in assets in a “malicious” manner, according to the Indian politician. According to the BJP politician, Young India has completely controlled AJL and its real estate holdings in Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities.

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