Princess Mako of Japan eventually marries her boyfriend and relinquishes her royal title

Princess Mako of Japan eventually marries

Princess Mako married her college boyfriend Kei Komuro on Tuesday. Giving up her royal title and vowing to forge a happy life with her “irreplaceable” husband. Mako said “incorrect” media stories about Komuro were given her enormous anguish, stress, and terror in an unusually candid joint press conference with her new spouse. After a four-year relationship marred by money problems and intensive public attention. She was identified with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) early this year. I pity those (for) which we have made a stumbling block. “Mako, who has had to give up her royal title after marrying a commoner, will now be known as Mako Komuro, according to Japanese law.

Although After a representative from the Imperial Household Agency (IHA), which oversees the family’s affairs, presented documents to a local office recognizing their marriage. The two, both 30, were married in the morning. The couple defied precedent by bypassing the traditional royal wedding rituals and ceremonies. Including a celebration, and Mako also declined the one-time payment of around $1.3 million. Traditionally given to royal ladies who marry outside the royal house.

Her boyfriend and relinquishes her royal title

When the couple announced their engagement four years ago, Japan was ecstatic. But things quickly soured when the press revealed a money controversy involving Komuro’s mom. Forcing the press to turn against him and the wedding to be postponed. Komuro leaves Japan in 2018 to pursue legal studies in New York, only to rejoin Tokyo in September.

During the news conference, Komuro expressed his love for Mako and promised to assist and protect her. Using unusually open language for a member of the Japanese royal family. Mako, dressed in a pink frock and pearls, was seen on television earlier this week bidding goodbye to her mother. And 26-year-old sister, Kako, at their home’s entryway. Even though everyone was wearing masks following Japan’s coronavirus policy. Her mom could be observed blinking fast as if fighting back tears.

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