Prabhat Patnaik raises his voice for the transition of the economy in Kerala.

Prabhat Patnaik, a renowned economist and the former Vice-Chairman of the Planning Board, has lost his calm and raised the argument that Kerala must focus more on the job-oriented development strategy to sustain the necessary development model.

The State needs to zero in on the consideration economy, particularly the medical care fragment, the travel industry, and the information economy. The Kerala Model had not followed through on business, he said. Prabhat Patnaik likewise said that the State should start genuine endeavors to upgrade neighborhood food grain creation. This gets prime significance since the Center is gradually pulling out from the legal public dissemination framework.

Tremendous tasks with enormous ventures may not be the best formula for the impossible to miss segment profile. Its advancement methodology has until now looked to expand government assistance. All things considered, the State is confronted with a high pace of joblessness when contrasted with States like Gujarat. This issue should be dealt with serious attention.

Notwithstanding, every one of the endeavors need not be coordinated to the information economy. The State needs interests in regions where it has center strength. This will create open positions, and that is the need of the hour. Kerala needs to reexamine its emphasis on cash yields and carry out a methodology in the farming area that centers more around consumable things. The travel industry merits accentuation if it is ‘dependable on the travel industry.

Sindhu Krishnan, Associate Professor, Cochin College, was the arbitrator, and An Ashokan, previous enlistment center, University of Kannur, the discussant of the meeting. KJ Joseph, Director, GIFT, invited the members. Also, Kerala can create a ‘care economy,’ in light of medical services, to its homegrown populace for the remaining nation, too, Patnaik said.

Among those in participation were prominent business analysts KP Kannan, CT Kurian, KN Harilal, who is likewise an individual from the Kerala Planning Board AV Jose, Michel Tharakan, MA Oommen, and Balagopal Chandrashekhar.

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