PA to Managing director of Heera group

PA to Managing director

Heera group, CCS law enforcement of Hyderabad arrested the main accused: fifty managers, Molly Thomas, or private supporters to the MD to Dr. Shaik of it, in the case of Heera group. A fifty-year-old female was nabbed in association with an examination into the case in opposition to the MD (Managing director)  of Heera group who was currently under arrest for supposedly cheating shareholders of numerous Rs crores, the law enforcement further added. In addition to this, the central crime station, a wing of law enforcement of Hyderabad, gathered proof in opposition to Molly Thomas, Managercum private supporter to Managing director Dr. Shaik, DC (Deputy Commissioner) of the detective department, told by Avinash in a release.

Besides, Dr. Nowhera Shaik was under arrest the previous month.  CCS law enforcement (police) discovered incriminating proof, not in favor of Ms. Thomas ho is the director of the Heera group office located at Banjara hills. Molly Thomas is the key individual to the Central department group located at Banjara hill.

Heera group

Also seem later than the management work of its branch place of work on the direction of Dr. Shaik, the further DCP told. The group has as many more extensive as seventy-four branches throughout India or overseas that had engaged about four hundred thirty marketing managers in their department to gather deposits from a shareholder; he included further and said the CCS, DCP, Avinash Mohanty.

In addition to this, police law enforcement previously told that Dr. Nowhera Shaik headed fifteen corporations, part of the Heera Group of companies. Numerous of which are including in the collection of the shareholders or deposits. In addition to this, the indicted delivered shareholders advanced interest rates or provided the returns for some months and after that stopped, told by law enforcement.

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