On Christmas Day, Kitex Workers in Kerala Clashed With Policemen

Kitex garments plant were taken into jail after periodic outbursts of violence in Kerala’s Kizhakkambalam. The incident occurred on Saturday, December 25th. While the facts of the incident are unknown, during Christmas celebrations, a scuffle reportedly broke out between sections of Kitex workers, who are mostly from Jharkhand, West Bengal, and the North East. When the police arrived on the scene, the workers allegedly fought them, injuring at least five officers and setting fire to a police vehicle.

Kitex has created a housing complex for the workers who have been detained. Workers brutally beaten police officers, along with a Circle Inspector, who’d already arrived on the area to deal with a conflict between two parties of labourers, on Saturday night.

Sabu Jacob claimed that at first, camp police and supervisors attempted to intervene and address the problem, but were attacked, prompting the police to be summoned. When the cops arrived, the employees attacked the officers, forcing them to flee to safety and abandoning their vehicles. Following that, cars were smashed, with one of them being set on fire by some of the employees.

Sabu Jacob said that narcotics were introduced into the tent, and some of the employees may have been under the influence, even though he claimed there was no evidence of a crime behind what happened. He stated that the business would assist the investigation.

According to preliminary indications, the fights occurred during Christmas celebrations. A total of 151 people have been detained. The event has been brought under police control. They’ll take decisive action. Other details are still being worked out. It’s a one-time occurrence. The Ernakulam regional labor officer has been tasked with investigating the situation and submitting a report as soon as possible. Migrant laborers are protected and supported by the government.”

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