Nowhera Shaik The Lady Who Dared to Stand Different

Lady Who Dared(Nowhera Shaik) been rightly accused? Are the charges pressed against her true to themselves? Could a hawker go up to make fraud in crores? Well, the questions seem to be never-ending, but we would provide answers for the same.

She began as a peddler selling vegetables close to her mom in Tirupati when she was in her teens. Few would have realized then that she would shape 17 organizations. That would flaunt two lakh-in addition to financial backers across the southern; and western states and have a joint turnover of over Rs 1,000 crore. But Nowhera Shaikh’s destruction was the result of the very extension that brought her prosperity.

Lady Who Dared to Stand Different:

Nowhera Shaik: The Lady Who Dared to Stand Different.
Nowhera Shaik

By May 2018, Shaik had started dealing with instalments; at last prompting a fumble of assets that has led to faulty police grumblings. The little girl of the pastor, namaz, in a mosque close to Tirupati is the most established among five kin. The class IX dropout graduated ahead of schedule from being a vegetable merchant; to purchasing and selling utilized garments and afterwards wandering into exchanging gold. That demonstrated the turning point.

The turnaround in fortunes appears to be more sensational when one considers every one of the stops in the middle; throughout the long term. She obtained a degree in business the board, began a madrassa for young ladies; and was surprisingly shaped and involved with challenge surveys in Karnataka. She was arrested by Mumbai police’s monetary offences wing (EOW) on October 25; on a protest by a financial backer named Shane Elahi, who confronted a default. In recent days, public insight organizations have dropped in to examine the case. However, as the case progressed; we saw how she was let out on bail, and eventually, the charges do not tend to be true.

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