Nowhera Shaik The Helping Hand In Kerala Floods

Helping Hand In Kerala Floods is Nowhera Shaik. As Kerala, God’s own country, is approaching another Monsoon season; the state fears another flood. The dams and water reservoirs in the state have already reached their full capacity and can hold no more water. The massive destruction from floods and heavy rain in Kerala started in the monsoon of 2018. On the 16th of August, due to the usual heavy rain, the place witnessed the century’s worst flood. The state’s 14 districts were all affected, resulting in widespread damage throughout Kerala. According to statistics, 430 people were dead in flood, and another 140 went missing. According to government records, the flood and other incidents directly affected approximately one-sixth of the population.

Helping Hand In Kerala Floods:

Nowhera Shaik The Helping Hand In Kerala Floods
Nowhera Shaik

Many people came forward to help Kerala. The fishermen community and their brave movement saved people from their flooded homes, which helped decrease the death rate. Also, people across the globe extended their helping hands through financial as well as material support.The Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) was established, and more than Rs. 2000 crore were collected. Heera Group was a major contributor to the efforts.

Heera group and its founder Dr. Nowhera Shaik extended their hands to the needy people of Kerala during the floods. Moreover She donated one crore rupee to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund, which inspired many to contribute more. She contributed by issuing a check in the name of CMDRF from the account of Heera Group.
She also donated around 100 tones of rice to the state, which was a great help at that time.

Nowhera Shaik continued her support through various programs initiated by the Heera Group, and the company arranged shelter for children and women affected by the disaster. As an activist for women and children, her shelter benefited many and helped them to start a new life after the flood that took everything from many. She visited the state to evaluate the progress in the activities, and that generous act proved her concern over needy humans.

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