Nowhera Shaik Says You Don’t Have To Juggle All The Time

Nowhera Shaik Says You Don’t Have To Juggle All The Time. She has spoken out frequently on some common taboos that solely apply to the lives of daughters, wives, and other female members of society, particularly in India. In one of her recent interviews she specifically mentioned setting a territory around a woman’s life and then expecting her to live within that throughout her life.

Past Life Of Nowhera Shaik:

Past Life Of Nowhera Shaik
Nowhera Shaik

Throughout her life, she had to answer a plethora of questions that were only directed at her or only at women because of their gender. She said Gender inequality is very much prevalent in the upper class families. The power hungry tendency is not a political phenomena, she had added this part in many of her Interviews. According to her own life experiences and overall assessments regarding lives of women in Indian Society, power hungrt feature is the outcome of male dominant society where women have been romantically playing the roles of slaves in return of becoming mothers and showcasing the wealth which she will never own.

Men practice the art of becoming heroes and villains at the same time, and conveniently change the roles. Where women remain nothing but the mere props, who can often come in use, without any hiring charge. She had stated how women are treated in all communities in India; but how always one particular religion gets the blame for all wrongdoings.

Nowhera Shaik To All Women Says You Don’t Have To Juggle All The Time:

Although She had very simply analysed how choice factors work in women’s lives. Women in Indian society are constantly subjected to conditions and situations in which they must perform. Setting the bar, adjusting the rules never really get done or directed by a woman. The men expect them to be all rounder, and all time servers, paid and unpaid. Even upper classes women do have to abide by what their husbands and male members of the family say. For women money is not essentially the barrier that slows down the growth. There are numerous cultural norms that need to be altered; women, like men, should not be expected to do a lot of things together. They are not machines, expecting them to work indoors and outdoors needs to stop now.

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