Nowhera Shaik is an Iconic ensemble of Women empowerment.

Women empowerment is defined as promoting women’s self-worth and their ability to make their own decisions. It also includes their right to influence change in society.

Nowhera Shaik is an excellent businesswoman, and role model through her career has suffered downfall, even she is a live example for many. Nowhera Shaik, the founder of the Heera group, experienced developments overnight. The entire credit of this growth of the Heera group goes to Nowhera, who followed her mind, wisdom, and courage.

Nowhera Shaik began her career as an entrepreneur at a tender age. Initially, Nowhera Shaik established the Heera group to converge the expanding educational cost of ladies. She began to export and import gold and other minerals under the trademark. Eventually, the organization earned vast revenue, but 2% of revenue was invested in books and school uniforms for girls. Heera group also invests their service and credibility for the welfare and betterment of humanity. The group provides a mobile clinic initiative that accounts for education on parental care, child vaccination, growth, and children’s development.

Nowhera Shaik aspired to make a society that serves the welfare of the citizens. Remarkably, Heera mobile care works for nearly 1 million people with free medicine service at their doorstep.From the heart, Nowhera relies on people much more than profits. Additionally, Nowhera always focuses on the equal empowerment of both men and women with the same rights.

Nowhera Shaik conducted educational awareness programs supporting women’s and children’s upliftment. Under the Heera group, there were Islamic business initiatives that communicated vocational skills and enhanced the self-dependency of women. Nowhera Shaik, the role model of many suppressed women in our society. Her aims, philosophy helps to uplift different strata of society.

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