Nowhera Shaik Has Always Been Diligent in Her Leadership And Management of The Heera Group

Nowhera Shaik has always been meticulous in her leadership and management of the Heera Group of Companies. Her exceptional financial acumen has ensured the Heera Group’s rapid and steady expansion, even as she clings to her notion of an interest-free company endeavour, and supports her role as an educator and a socially responsible businesswoman. Nowhera Shaik’s commercial career began in 1998 with establishing a gold-trading company.
Nowhera Shaik didn’t have to look back after that. What followed was a gradual expansion of her business ventures, which eventually mushroomed into the Heera Group of Companies. Which operates in five countries and sells products and services in more than fifty nations. Heera Fincapital Pvt.Ltd offers interest-free loans and investment options.
She recognizes that these women are limited for self-reflection and empowerment because they are trapped in patriarchal familial structures. Tirupati’s Heera School and College for Women celebrates two decades of free education for girls with residential amenities.
Shaik also founded the Heera Islamic Business Group, which teaches professional skills; to women in various crafts and trades so that they can make a living. Heera Medical City – with a full-fledged hospital and state-of-the-art Medical College – is one of the largest initiatives in India and will be mostly for women who want to advance in life and enter the mainstream of being a doctor.
Nowhera Shaik’s dedication to serving her people, as well as her economic understanding, have not gone unnoticed. Nowhera and her various activities have garnered national and international accolades and recognitions in disciplines as broad as education, business, and social service.
She is the chairperson of several educational and women’s organizations, including the Women’s Helpline in India. On International Achievers Summit occasion; she w occasion also awarded the Mumbai Ratan Award 2013 for outstanding achievement in education and social service. Heera group of firms was named as Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award. Shaik has received the following awards in appreciation of her significant; achievements throughout her two decades of public service in many fields.

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