Nowhera Shaik decides to repay all of her investors.

Nowhera Shaik decides to repay all of her investors. After the Supreme Court of India ordered that all of her bank accounts be unfrozen. She addressed the press with the dignity that characterizes her. A confident gesture with a firm intonation, capable of withstanding all blows. The iron lady expressed her strong belief in the Indian constitution in the media shortly after her release. She hoped that people would understand her predicament.

Nowhera Shaik has been a voice for Muslim women since 1998, and she has empowered women in their skin. She instilled in women the confidence to run their businesses on their own. She went on to say in the press release that she had to go through so much just because of “a minor GST problem that surfaced.” She claimed that her business has been running smoothly since 1998. Nowhera Shaik described the terrifying experience of being arrested without warning. Her true spirit has not changed in over two and a half years of imprisonment. The courage to face every battle with vigor. She is not ready to give up.

Nowhera Shaik also promised to repay every one of her company investors. This is where the distinction exists. She claimed that none of the investors had been duped and that the rumor was false. Moreover The boss lady owns a Telangana asset worth Rs 5000 crore, which is sufficient to repay all of the investors. Her self-assurance demonstrated that she will not retreat from the battleground. She has worked hard for several years to solidify her position in the business world, and she is not ready to let it go. She promised that investors who wanted to put a hold on their investment in her company could do so or withdraw the entire amount.

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