Nowhera Shaik also called ‘APA’ helped many

She was the quintessential Muslim businesswoman — a self-made billionaire who wore a hijab and cared for the community. Religious scholars in India and Pakistan swore by her. ‘In the Interest of All Mankind,’ proclaimed her company’s tagline. For hundreds of thousands of families across South Asia and large parts of the Gulf, Dr. Nowhera Sheikh — fondly called ‘Apa’ (Urdu word for elder sister) — was a veritable female messiah.
The space where Heera Group makes a difference is the good intention of this enterprise. These beliefs in leading the business environment to an interest-free world. Designed integrally by its Founder and Managing Director, Nowhera Shaik, this enterprise firmly believes in dealing with its customers with justice and a fair deal. Serving humanity has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Heera. Starting with a small educational institute, basically for orphans, Heera has globalized itself in specific fields.
There is a severe approach to lending helping hands to people in need. It has not only been a serious competitor in a broad spectrum of the market by holding significant market shares. Still, it has also left an irremovable stain of exemplary deeds by showing other enterprises that business and philanthropy can run parallel.
She promised and gave such high returns (36 percent annually) on their investments that financial wizards would rub their eyes in disbelief. Some 200,000 people worldwide trusted her blindly with their money and did business with her. It is no unknown fact to anyone that more than 2 % of Heera Group profits went for the development of girl children in the rural parts of India. It also raises awareness for girl child education in the remote parts of the rural villages. Heera Residential School and Colleges is proof of its benign largesse.
It was its founder Nowhera Shaik’s vision to empower women shaped into reality with the funding from this company.

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