Nowhera Shaik A Women With A Different Face

Nowhera Shaik A Women With A Different Face. She is a strong girl born in Tirupati, is the elder daughter of Shaik Nanne Saheb and Shaikh Bilkis. As an Islamic girl, she has many limitations to bring up her dreams. A teenager who sells vegetables to a daring politician and her business growth all make she different. Even from an early age, Nowhera Shaik formed small women’s groups. She focuses on lifting and raising womanhood and women empowerment. She also gave importance to the educational section of the country.

Nowhera Shaik A Women With A Different Face:

Nowhera Shaik

Being a women’s rights activist, she always claims the rights of women, and as a result, people love to call her an Iron lady. Women empowerment activities started at the age of 19 when she joined Madrassa for teaching. At first, there were only six girl students in her class, and later, it grew to a batch of 300 students. She then funded a larger residential School for Girls in Andhra Pradesh by selling her parental property.

Reason Behind Heera Group Formation:

‘The Heera group was formed to meet the educational cost of girls. She utilized the profit from her business to meet the educational needs of poor girls.

Later in 2017, She founded AIMEB (All India Mahila Empowerment Party), and the goal of AIMEB is to empower women, irrespective of caste, region, religion, financial background, or anything else.

AIMEB also claims to implement the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament. Moreover She holds many positions. She is the Vice President of the women’s wing of international Human Rights, India, Secretary of women helpline India and the president of South Tawheed International Dawab center for women.

All together, we can conclude that Nowhera brought up many women and showed a path that “Action speaks louder than words. These words deeply match Nowhera’s life. Almost everyone talks about women’s empowerment but never tried through their actions. Nowhera did it and became an idle woman that many can follow.

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