Nowhera Shaik A Well Wisher Of Rural People

Well Wisher Nowhera Shaik, the social activist, entrepreneur, and politician who thinks of serving humanity as her aim, is a great well-wisher to rural people of India. Future of India lies in its villages”- This is the famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi, and is this right? Absolutely yes, with no great confusion, we can say that the heart of India is its villages and rural people. Rural people show up as the real face of India.

They reflect the actual problems and situations that India is going through. As India currently has a greater population of rural people, Do they get treated well by the government and politicians of our country? Do rural people get enough necessities to live a standard life? The answer is a big no. Still, rural people face housing, water supply, lack of medical support, inadequate nutrition, high illiteracy rate, and many more problems. They are still in the phase of the ’90s, even without proper basic facilities of life. The term ‘Digitize India’ also becomes unsuitable for a nation when it comes to the rural background.

Well Wisher Of Rural People:

Nowhera Shaik A Well Wisher Of Rural People
Nowhera Shaik

Whatever the issues, India is rich with many social activists and well-wishers of poor people, who do abundantly and effectively to the rural people. Nowhera Shaik mainly focuses on providing education to the children as she thinks the educated generation can change society. Her business group ‘Heera group ‘ has many educational institutions which provide good quality education to poor people. Heera group also provides mobile clinics, where thousands of rural people get medicines at their door. They also provide free counseling, awareness classes about child care, nutrition, etc. She also raised her voice for farmers for their better livelihood and consideration. Heera group’s profits are shared for these welfare activities, thereby promising excellence in rural peoples’ livelihood. If we strengthen the rural areas, we will only find much fewer people migrating to urban areas. Especially Well Wisher Of Rural People Nowhera Shaik.

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