National Survey Service to conduct a socio-economic survey.

National Survey Service

National Survey Service to conduct a socio-economic survey. The Nair Service Society (NSS) has been invited by the Kerala State Commission for Economically Backward Classes among forwarding Communities to collect data on the community’s socio-economic conditions using the Commission’s questionnaire.

The proposal was presented by the panel’s chairman, M. R. Hariharan Nair, to NSS general secretary G. Sukumaran Nair, who had publicly distanced himself from the sample survey exercise.

Moreover If the organization has concerns about the quality of the sample survey, the panel chairman wrote, it could delegate its volunteers from the Karayogam units to conduct the survey using the questionnaire. The information gathered will be used to help the Commission formulate its recommendations. He wrote that the exercise has been taken up by many forward-thinking community organizations.

Although In a related development, the NSS general secretary had petitioned the Chief Minister to halt the survey, claiming that the methodology to be used could result in the denial of due rights to economically disadvantaged sections of forwarding communities. Mr. Sukumaran Nair also mentioned that a report submitted by former commission chairman A.V. Ramakrishna Pillai recommended that each community conduct socio-economic and community surveys, with the population counted.

Conduct a socio-economic survey.

While agreeing with the NSS’s demand for a thorough investigation, Mr. Hariharan Nair pointed out that the State Government had rejected a similar proposal from Mr. Pillai.

Deterred from pursuing the suggestion because of the significant financial investment required for the comprehensive survey. According to commission sources, the government may have taken into account; the fact that surveying as part of the regular census could save money.

Especially To provide maximum benefits to the economically disadvantaged, the Commission decided; to conduct a sample survey as a temporary measure. During its term, which ends on March 13 next, it hopes to propose remedial; measures based on the data gathered during the process, according to sources.

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