Mullaperiyar Row: The Centre Has Been Asked to Explain Why IFS Officer Bennichen Has Been Suspended

Mullaperiyar Row, The Kerala government suspended Chief Wildlife Warden Bennichen Thomas one month earlier over a contentious ruling allowing Tamil Nadu to cut down 15 trees near the Mullaperiyar Dam’s baby dam. It has now been revealed that the state administration proceeded hurriedly; over an Indian Forest Service (IFS) official without contacting the Government, as is required in the context of All-India Services officers.

Inspector General of Forests A K Mohanty has directed the Chief Secretary to provide the appropriate documentation as soon as possible, even though the Centre, the IFS officers’ cadre-controlling agency, is unaware of the grounds for the detention.

Even though the state administration has the jurisdiction to dismiss Civil Service officers, the Centre must be notified. The Union Ministry of Personnel should be notified if the prohibition is also prolonged.

Suspension of an IFS officer requires the authorization of the center. Furthermore, the ministry of the environment emphasized that Bennichen Thomas’ detention was made public through the media. The letter sought that the records about the suspension and the events that led towards the detention be produced.

Meanwhile, government sources say the punishment does not have to be notified to the center in preparation and should; only be reported after three months if the punishment needs to be extended. It’s now been discovered that the state administration acted hastily in the case of an Indian Forest Service (IFS) official.

On November 11, the state legislature dismissed Chief Wildlife Warden Bennichen Thomas. Bennichen had broken the All-India Service Regulations and had gone against the government’s position, according to the ruling. Bennichen had been suspended by the Cabinet. The IAS and IFS Associations, on the other hand; had expressed their displeasure with his suspension and urged that it be lifted.

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