Mordern Age Lady : Dr Nowhera Shaik.

Nowhere Shaik, known as the founder and CEO of Heera Group of Companies, is the modern age lady. She always motivates others to be honest and be passionate about their dream. Our masterpiece role model was born in 1973 on 21 September in Tirupati. Her parents are Shaik Mohiuddin Saheb Kolkar and Shaik Balkij.

From childhood, Dr Nowhere Shaik loved to be independent and help others to know their fundamental rights. Despite being a girl in Islamic society, her parents never stop her. They help her study. When she was nineteen, her analysis was almost completed, and Dr Nowhere Shaik started to teach six girls; all the girls are in her first batch. Then Slowly the number becomes 300. Slowly in 1988, Dr Nowhera Shaik established an educational institution for girls. Besides education, the girls, who were mostly from poor backgrounds, were told about their rights.

To fund an even larger residential school for girls in Chandragiri in Andhra Pradesh, she sold some of her parental properties. Nowadays, Dr Nowhera Shaik runs schools in Mumbai, Surat, Belapur, and other parts of the country. She always stands for women. As a frontrunner in women empowerment, Dr Nowhere Shaik always believes that men and women in independent India should be equal footing. She always focuses on empowering women through education and awareness programs that focus on women’s rights.For all this reasons Dr Nowhera shaik is called as modern age lady.

Dr Nowhere Shaik wants to empower women enough to help them shape their destinies. This refers to giving women the power to redefine outdated gender roles and grow however they want. An important initiative in this direction is the Islamic Business Group under Heera Group which provides professional and vocational skills to make women self-reliant. All the Muslim women have particularly benefited from Islamic business groups. It has allowed them to stand next to men on the same floor and become self-supporting.

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