Moral vigilance: Kerala woman and her son got out of the car and attacked

Moral vigilance

Moral vigilance,A woman and her son were having their food in a car at a busy road intersection in Kerala’s Kollam district, according to residents, police and victims. Police arrested the attacker Ashish on Wednesday. On Monday, the attack took place when Shamra, 44, and Saru, 21, returned home after undergoing routine medical examinations at Thiruvananthapuram Hospital.

As the restaurants do not permit meals, we can only take them out in the car. A young man came to us when we parked our car at an intersection near Paravoor Beach Road to eat. He saw my son and me and said that it was not possible here doing evil things. My son told him that there is nothing immoral. We are eating, and he is my mother. So the attacker said that there is no evidence to prove this. He thinks I am not a mother, Shamla said.

Kerala woman and her son got out of the car

She further added that the man was a local resident, and in addition to damaging her car, he also attacked her and her son. He beat us with a metal rod and pulled us out of the vehicle. In the afternoon at three, this incident happened. Many people were passing by on the national highway, but no one came to save us. Later we learned that this attack was in broad daylight and is very ordinary on beach paths. However, after the woman and her son went to the nearby police station.

However, before the family filed a grievance, the attacker filed a counterclaim, claiming that his sheep had been run over by his car. It wasn’t until Tuesday that police filed a case related to the attack. “The police did not make any mistakes. The mother and son were injured in several places and went to the police station. The first task is to provide medical services.” Therefore, we recommend that they be hospitalized first stated by ” Kollam, Deputy Commissioner of Police, G Gopakumar.

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