MEP Party intention to run in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election has been greeted positively by women and youth.

MEP supporters and workers from Uttar Pradesh have been recognized for their active participation in party programs. Nowhera Shaik would like to express his gratitude to the women and youth of Uttar Pradesh for their warm reception of the MEP. She expresses her gratitude to all of you for your efforts and dedication to the party. Our arrival in Uttar Pradesh has stunned the political world, and MEP will, inshaAllah, emerge as a kingmaker in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election in 2022. MEP is the party of everyone, regardless of color, caste, birthplace, or religion.

MEP is a secular political party dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment, democracy, and equality for all citizens, regardless of gender, caste, creed, region, religion, or socioeconomic class. For a better society, MEP works to combat illiteracy, underage labor, child molestation, and crimes against women.

Political parties in India have made nothing but hollow promises for the past 70 years. Women are taken for a ride when it comes to their safety and rights. It’s past time for women to step up to the plate. MEP was created with this goal in mind, and it has already taken a step in that direction. Women have defied all odds and are confident in our ability to succeed. MEP is a unique political party.

The party will continue to fight for women’s rights throughout the country. MEP would award a big number of tickets to Uttar Pradesh women in the forthcoming assembly election so that they can have a voice in the legislature. Nowhera Shaik’s effort had such an impact that all of the main political parties are now talking about women. The MEP was the one who forced all political parties to discuss women’s involvement and empowerment. Uttar Pradesh’s women band together to reshape the country’s political landscape.

Nobody will be able to stop us once the party comes together to battle. If someone wants to make a difference, they must work together. The party must explain to everyone what half of the country’s population entails. Why is it that no one in Indian and Uttar Pradesh politics is talking about women, and no one is taking women’s issues seriously? Women should have the right and freedom to fight for their main issues, and MEP stands with them in this struggle.

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