Kondapolam movie review telugu


Kondapolam movie review telugu, Today marks the release of Krish Jagarlamudi’s latest film, Kondapolam. The film stars Uppena’s Vaisshnav Tej and Rakul Preet in prominent roles, with Sai Chand providing key assistance.

Indian Forest Service by the UPSC board is questioning the Ravindranath Kataru alias Ravi. They ask him what placed him on the path to success after grilling him about his past.

Ravi rose to the top of civil service tests after beginning as a guy with an inferiority complex. He credits his metamorphosis to a 40-day trip to the Kondapolam forest area in the Nallamala wildlife sanctuary, where shepherds tended their sheep during hunger.

Movie review telugu

The idea of Kondapolam is that shepherds’ livelihood is dependent on the woodland. The director emphasizes the shared relationship between humans and the environment by using this backdrop. While his grounded approach to the story is commendable, the film’s creative usage of the Rayalaseema dialect appears to be a first.

The Seema dialect is at part with villains in Telugu films, but Krish defies this stereotype in everyday life. Krish deserves credit for this effort even if it weren’t for his direction.

The film’s plot, on the other hand, lacks substance and refuses to produce anything unique or fascinating. The VFX has a lot of scope in terms of quality. Obulamma, played by Rakul Preet, is a surprising character. Her author-backed role gives the film more weight. Vaishnav Tej is a fine actor, however Sai Chand must be left out.

The music of MM Keeravani has added to the film’s appeal. Jnanasekhar, the cinematographer, captures lush green forest views and the tiger battle moments to some extent. The editing and graphic concept are both excellent.

Overall, Kondapolam is a contemporary film that explores the human-nature relationship. The strong concept needs to change and form into a better film.

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