Killing of Politicians in Alappuzha Could Escalate Things

Killing of Politicians in Alappuzha

Killing of Politicians in Alappuzha, There are concerns that the recent round of political unrest in Kerala may inflame communal tensions. The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the Popular Front of India (PFI) were included. As well as its political wing positioned opposite the BJP and RSS. For years, the state has seen deadly conflicts between CPI(M) and BJP-RSS workers, many of whom have lost their lives. Both the perpetrators and the victims in previous fights between CPI(M) & BJP-RSS workers were primarily Hindus from the OBC Ezhava minority.

Political assassinations are a blot on Kerala’s progressive politics and social harmony. However, five political deaths have occurred in Kerala this year in fights involving SDPI and Sangh Parivar activists. Three of them together in the Alappuzha district. Where the most recent killings also occurred last weekend.

Could Escalate Things

These assassinations involving members of the PFI-SDPI and the BJP-RSS heighten the ante. These heinous political assassinations are inflaming racial tensions in the state. It includes both the Muslim and Hindu right-wings vigorously mobilizing followers through divisive campaigns.

The SDPI has been attempting to position itself within the Islamic community as the sole party capable of fighting the “danger” posed by the Sangh Parivar in recent times. The PFI-SDPI has been arguing with members of the minority population. Particularly Muslim youngsters, that the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), the largest Muslim party in Kerala. Also crucial constituent of the Congress-led UDF is incapable of preserving Muslims’ interests.

The SDPI is presenting itself as a tough party, emphasizing its message to Muslims that. Including the CPI(M), is the “best hope” for their security and interests. Many Muslim youngsters in Kerala are believed to have joined the PFI-SDPI. In the belief that they can “defend the Muslim society’s self-respect.”

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