Kerala sets new death record


Kerala sets new death record statistics are expected to reach a new high in 2021 and a year highlighted by the deadly second wave of Covid-19, with 2021 already registering the largest mortality rate in recent times. Moreover Kerala recorded 1,55,520 all-cause mortality in the first six months of the year. Thirty-five percent over the same period in 2020 (1,15,081 deaths), a year of Covid-imposed confinement. And up 21 % from the first six months of the pre-pandemic year 2019. (1,28,667 deaths).

According to data from the state’s official registrar of births and deaths, the time of May and June this year saw a significant increase in registered fatalities compared to the same period in previous years. During these two months, Kerala also had the most influential daily Covid-19 deaths, roughly 150-200 per day.

The newspaper contacted numerous state governments as part of the inquiry. Eight of them, including Kerala, gave records of fatalities reported under the Civil Registration System.

New death record

After the estimates of Covid deaths that became minus from the all-cause deaths as per the reports from April 1 to May 30, 2021. Kerala’s records showed that the percentages were still 1.23 times higher than the figures for the same time in 2019.

Another indicator in the statistics is that all-cause fatalities are about to reach a new peak in 2022. Even in 2020, whenever the state recorded a decrease in all-cause mortality compared to 2019, this tendency was apparent. Experts foresee a jump once the overall numbers are in for 2021. With three months of data remaining to be under log.

Covid-19 death reconciling exercise in Kerala regularly updating the toll. The state medical administration had been advising that any pandemic should be assessed. It should be based on overall deaths over the reference period rather than just Covid-19 deaths.

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