kerala semi high-speed rail latest news

kerala semi high-speed rail latest news, When addressing a conference of state legislators on Monday, CM Vijayan said K-Rail had been an inescapable project for the state’s growth, and he asked for their support. He stated that there are several concerns regarding the project and that the administration is dedicated to addressing them.

People should realize that the initiative will play an important role in the state’s growth. Vijayan also asked for their help in pressuring the Centre to establish up additional natural disaster warning systems and centers in Kerala.

Our long-standing desire for a Doppler radar at the Wayanad-Kozhikode boundary has been ignored by the Centre. The state now has two similar radars, although they are insufficient. Given the current scenario, he believes that such systems are required in every region.

According to Vijayan, the Centre is infringing on the authority of the states in several areas. MPs must unite with the administration to guarantee that Kerala’s requests are met by the Centre, and there is a need to improve links between the province and the Centre in coordinating welfare and development efforts. He cited GST arrears and vaccine provision as instances of such efforts.

After July 2022, Kerala should receive GST reimbursement for five years in a row. MPs will have to put in more effort to have it approved by the Centre. The projected electricity sector changes and the port policy have raised concerns in the state. States should be allowed to release disaster funding with fewer limitations.

It stifles welfare and development operations by restricting states’ access to the country’s overall economic resources. There are times when democracy suffers from a negative impact. “Even the NDA-ruled states are raising these concerns,” Vijayan remarked.

Vijayan requested their assistance in obtaining approvals for minor metro projects in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode. He added that the Centre must take action for the Sabari train project as well and that they must be brought to its notice.

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