Kerala RSS workers’ murder will be investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), according to the BJP.

Kerala RSS workers, Six days after RSS worker S Sanjith was killed in an unidentified assailant attack in Palakkad district, the BJP’s Kerala unit announced on Saturday that it would request an NIA investigation.

On Monday morning in Elappully village, Sanjith, 27, was attacked by a group of folks in the existence of his wife Arshika. In this case, local cops have yet to make any arrests.

The Kerala BJP claimed the killing was carried out by the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of the Popular Front of India (PFI), an allegation denied by the SDPI.

K Surendran, the state BJP chief, told reporters on Saturday that he would meet with Union Minister Amit Shah on Monday to request an NIA investigation into the killing. “In Kerala, the BJP will stage mass protests and demonstrations against the CPI(M)-SDPI nexus. The RSS-BJP has killed ten RSS-BJP workers in the last five years. The motive for these killings has yet to be discovered by police. “Police are afraid of revealing the role of PFI and SDPI in the killing of Sanjith,” he claimed.

Surendran claimed that due to a nexus between the ruling CPI(M) and the SPDI, the police were hesitant to arrest the accused. “The CPI(M) is using SDPI to carry out its barbaric policy of assassinating political opponents. Sanjith had previously faced dangers, but no action was taken by the police protecting his life,” Surendran added. Sanjith’s murder FIR, which was filed in a local court, asserted that the killing was purely political but did not name any parties.

The attackers in the Sanjith killing chose a deserted section of the road, which they claim indicates preparation. Five swords were discovered abandoned in the district on Tuesday, a day after the murder. Police in Palakkad and the neighboring Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu have increased their search efforts, they said.

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