Kerala Police Take a Visit to The Kizhakkambalam Labor Camps

Kerala Police, Following the riot-like situation that involves migrant laborers at Kizhakkambalam on Sunday. A high-level conference of district police heads and supervising DIGs and IGs was conducted here. At the meeting, state chief of police Anil Kant directed all district police chiefs to task deputy superintendents of police. He oversee sub-divisions, with liaising with all migrant labor providers and employers to improve contact with the workers. They were requested to emphasize the importance of migrant workers to the state’s economy.

The cops were told to send a strong message to the laborers. Explaining that one negative occurrence tarnishes the entire neighborhood. They were informed that they must keep peacefully contributing to the state, as they have in the past. To promptly resolve laborers’ problems, police helpline numbers, phone numbers for SHOs, and deputy SPs should be given with them. SHOs were also requested to choose a Hindi-speaking officer to handle their complaints. Officers were also instructed to prepare an intervention report based on their trips to work camps and job sites.

The incidence at Kizhakkambalam has been classified by police as a one-time occurrence in the state. It came as a shock, but it is unlikely to occur again. However, similar instances cannot be fully ruled out in the future. Which is why measures are being developed,” a senior police officer stated. Police have been told not to use force and to exercise restraint unless there is a threat to the local populace.

“As police stood waiting in Kizhakkambalam, the problem subsided. 164 workers were held under the IPC and the Prevention of Destruction of Public Property Act, among other measures. Meanwhile, the state police have decided to pay for the medical bills of the officers who were hurt in the Kizhakkambalam incident. All police personnel’ medical expenditures would be covered, according to Anil Kant.

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