Kerala main political parties fight to support the Taliban

Kerala main political parties

Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram: K Surendran, the state president of the Bhartiya Janata Party, claimed that after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on Saturday, the main political parties in Kerala are battling to expand their support for the Taliban. He accused that after the terrorists in neighboring countries regained power; the ruling Communist Party of India (Malaysia) led the LDF; and the UDF Congress-led opposition is playing different politics. Also claimed that those who positioned themselves as supporters of the Taliban; tried to cover up the Moplah riots that took place in the state in 1921.

 Major political parties are competing with each other to support the Taliban in Kerala. Surendran stated at press conferences that political leaders in the state are inciting religious radicalism by offering milk and honey. The leaders of the BJP attacked the left-wing government and its police forces; saying they took a “negligent” stance because revolutionary forces gained power in the state.

Fight to support the Taliban

He also claimed that a group of young people from Jammu and Kashmir with unlicensed weapons were recently abducted in the state, calling them “serious.” In Kerala, whether the Malabar rebellion, also known as the Moplah (Muslim) rebellion, reported in 1921 in the northern part of the state, was a rebellion against the British or a public riot.

Instead, CPI explained the uprising as the most organized confrontation against; the exploitation of feudal landlords, but Congress called it a glorious movement against anti-imperialist forces. On the other hand, the BJP and RSS interpreted the revolt; as one of the first manifestations of the Indian Taliban mentality. They strongly opposed the decision of the left and Congress to consider it part of India’s freedom struggle.

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