Kerala learner murder of Manasa: Rakhil borrowed a room adjoining her home to stalk her.

Kerala learner murder of Manasa: Rakhil borrowed a room adjoining her home to stalk her.

Rakhi borrowed a room next to the home of Manasa. He might observe the house of Manasa. Also, keep her walking home to college or back. It is approximately 3 p.m. There is a student group who is living in a rented home. They listened to gunshots. Police are saying that Mansa was living with her classmates. However, she was staying at a rental home near her college.

Moreover, they meet on Instagram for one year. The Police said Rakhil arrived at Kannur. He had the motive of killing her. It noticed that he had followed her daily. He had been going around in the region for one month. He, by force, entered her home. Manasa was having food and drinks with her friends. This incident occurs in the presence of her friends. He entered her room with a pistol. She questioned him why he was there. He pulled her to the room. Then he shot closely with a gun. After that, he hit himself. Her friends heard a loud noise.

People are saying that Manasa had ended her relationship with him for two months. He followed and observed her continuously. Then Manasa told her father about this matter. Her father works as a guard near the police station. Manasa’s father wanted the boy to warn. Rakhi claimed he would end stalking Manasa. But he noticed and followed her movements. Before dying, he followed and observed her. Both had sustained bullet wounds. However, the girl had injuries on her chest and head. And the boy has wounds on his head. There was a lot of rush nearby the hospital. Both were found dead, said the doctor. The Police arrived suddenly and got both dead bodies.

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