Kerala Government is Being Bkamed For The Murders of Two Political Leaders

Kerala Government, According to Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai, the Kerala administration is aiming to crush the BJP’s growing popularity in the southern state. By using all means necessary, including safeguarding persons involved in the tragic assassination of two elected figures.

The Deputy Home Minister is in Kerala to pay tribute to BJP politician Ranjith Sreenivas. He was slashed to murder inside his house in Alappuzha on Sunday. Sreenivas was the state treasurer of the current party OBC Morcha.

Sreenivas’ assassination was thought to be a reprisal for the death of SDPI secretary-general, KS Shan, on Saturday. According to Kerala Police. Talking to journalists in Kochi, the Union Minister claimed the security situation in Kerala was poor. And this was why the murders were taking place.

“By all means necessary, the state govt intends to smother the BJP’s rising popularity and broad support.” is doing so to protect individuals who were involved in the murder. As well as those who would be disgraced if they were to defend them “He expressed himself. The minister said all he wants from the state administration is for all such situations to be thoroughly investigated. And the perpetrators were apprehended.

Following the killings, prohibitions orders under CrPC Section 144 were issued throughout the Alappuzha district, the all assembly was convened. According to local authorities, the all-party meeting will take place on Monday afternoon. On his way back from work on Saturday evening, Shan, the SDPI’s state secretary, was brutally attacked.

He has been on his way back home when a car collided with his bike. And the assailants inflicted roughly 40 injuries on him before killing him, according to authorities. Shan died of his injuries at midnight in a Kochi clinic and was cremated on Sunday evening.

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