Kerala Government Announced a Welfare Fund For IT-ITES

Kerala Government Announced a Welfare Fund

Kerala Government Announced a Welfare Fund For IT-ITES, Kerala’s chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, stated on Sunday that now the state government has launched a fund to support  IT and IT-enabled services (ITES) workers, which will provide a ₹3,000 pension. Vijayan tweeted and  shared the information: “In Kerala, a welfare fund for IT and ITES professionals was established, which guarantees a monthly pension of ₹3000. Financial assistance will be provided to female workers for ₹15,000 at the time of pregnancy and ₹10,000 for marriage.”

Although a sum of ₹15,000 will be given to the recipients for healthcare.. There would be a total of 1.5 lakh employees who will get benefit. “The chief minister stated on his tweets.

Finally the administration established a Welfare Fund Board – the ‘Kerala Karshaka Kshemanidhi Board’; – in October of last year to help farmworkers in the state.


Moreover the Kerala Farmers Welfare Fund Board has appointed Dr. P Rajendran as its chairperson. The state stated in an announcement that. For the welfare and advancement of farmers. Agriculture encompasses horticulture, medicinal plant production, nursery management, small fish, oysters, bees, mealworms, poultry, swans, goats, rabbits, animals. The upkeep and use of land for such agricultural purposes, according to the Kerala Karshaka Kshemanidhi Act.

Moreover Farmers must pay a fee of ₹100 and a monthly charge of ₹100 to become members of the Board. Farmers can pay the monthly cost in installments over six months or a year. Participants of the Welfare Fund will get an equivalent share of up to ₹250 from the government.

Although Personal and family pensions, sickness and disability benefits, medical help, marriage and maternity allowances, education support, and death benefits are all available to members of the board.

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