Kerala:45 years on, a man believed to be dead in an air crash returns home.

How can there be no reports of the passengers who had died in that air crash? Is this a planned air crash or an accident? What is the mystery behind the disappearance of this man?

Finally, Sajaad Thangal meets his family after a long span of 45 years.

Kollam: Like her family members, 91-year-old Fathima Beevi believed that her eldest son Sajaad Thangal (70) died in an air crash in 1976. Surprisingly, on Saturday evening, he returned to his home after 45 years. No one expected to see him and Beevi. Everyone had lost their hopes of seeing her son again.

His return after 45 years turned into a celebration at his house. Friends and relatives, Padanilathu Thekkathil, Venga, arrived to witness his return. Sajaad had gone to UAE in a ship in 1971, and he had returned to Mumbai in 1996 by air. The flight crashed, and his family members also believed their son had died. Popular south Indian actress Ranichandra had also lost her life in that crash. There has been no information about him since then. A stage show of Ranichandra in the Gulf and Sajaad was a part of the crew members. He was well aware that he could be accused of the air crash.

Sajaad was in depression after that accident:

Sajaad said that he was depressed after the accident. After two years, he visited Zeal Ashram in Panvel. Due to the Ashram officials’ efforts, Sajaad could meet his brothers, Muhammed Kunju and Abdul Rasheed, two days ago.Sajaad was taken aback by the love and care he got from Ashram. He said,” I cannot describe how good they were.”Indeed it was a moment of enjoyment in his family but his disappearance over these years remained a mystery. There were widespread rumors of sabotage Behind Ranichandra’s death.

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