Jamiatun Niswan As-Salafia distributed Certificates for girls who graduated from their Institute.

All thanks are due to Allah, who has enabled Jamiatun Niswan As-Salafia to flourish. Nowhera Shaik is overjoyed to meet her daughters, for whom she founded the educational institute. Jamiatun Niswan As-Salafia is one of Tirupati’s most prestigious Muslim educational schools. Tirupati is a Hindu pilgrimage site that attracts visitors from all over the world. Nowhera Shaik founded this organization to empower girls and women, and Alhamdulliah, after years of hard labor, feels that her efforts have finally paid off. She gave out certificates today to all of the girls who had worked hard to attain their goals. 

Since the outset, the iron lady has been passionate about educating the impoverished and underprivileged. To be honest, education is the only way to promote women and girls in society and ensure that they have access to their rights. Everyone knows that Heera Group was founded in 1998, which is two decades ago. Girls’ education has been a primary goal from the organization’s inception. The institute has been working hard to educate underprivileged and marginalized females in rural areas. Jamiatun Niswan As-Salafia is a sincere effort to educate impoverished girls. This is not, however, the first project aimed at empowering women. Until far, they have supported nearly a hundred educational and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to the advancement of women’s rights, particularly in the area of girls’ education. 

The Jamiatun Niswan As-Salafia provides an organized approach to learning about Islam. The institution has created dozens of unique courses, graduated over 5,000 students, and now has over 10 thousand students enrolled. Nowhera Shaik has created a new model of Islamic education because she believes that Muslims should have a double degree, a certificate in Islamic studies, and a legal degree from Jamiatun Niswan As-Salafia. Academic education is reinforced by religious classes, similar to the Madrasa model, and the same is true in higher education. 

Trust in oneself – Nowhera Shaik has been embarrassed numerous times for a variety of reasons, ranging from her dress to her way of speaking. Make the necessary changes to your personality. 

Never give up — it’s the worst decision you’ll ever make. She feels that we often quit up just as we are about to arrive at our target. Take her to advise and take a break, but don’t disrupt your destination’s trajectory. 

Finally, Don’t Dream Too Much!! I’m sure you’re curious about this one. This is the only conclusion you can draw from her unwarranted treatment when she became a politician. Imagine being harassed for two years simply because she was earning her own money, living life on her terms, and dreaming of becoming a politician to help more people. 

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