Is Nowhera Shaik A Role Model

Aalima Nowhera Shaik, shortly known as Nowhera Shaik, is one of the major business tycoons in the world & also she is a role model for many. She started her business enterprise life about 23 years ago; when she was 25, the much popular ‘ Heera group ‘was founded in 1998 when she was too young. Is it much appreciable that a young lady started her career as a founder? In 1998, when she formed the Heera group, it was just a small family with all limitations of a small startup. Eventually, the company grew step by step, and right now; the Heera group has about 20 different sections and continues its journey to more.

Nowhera Shaik A Role Model:

Nowhera Shaik
Nowhera Shaik

Heera group has its hands on various sections like Gold importing and trading; Jewellery, textiles, medicines, mineral water, real estate, tours and travels, granite, E-Commerce, etc. Nowhera Shaik started her business life from an education; system for girls and orphans and the education institute to the wider area. She tried to serve humanity. The immense commitment of Nowhera Shaik brings the Heera group a globalized one, especially in UAE, India, and Dubai. Nowhera also provides a livelihood to thousands of employees through her Heera group. Even after facing many obstacles and barriers of fault cases and dealing with Court procedures. She manages to raise her business from; the ground and fight to withstand her 23 years of hard work ‘The Heera Group.

When discussing the legal cases about the loan and related issues; we can conclude that Nowhera Shaik is from a highly dedicated business family. Which means she’s not a newborn to a business, and business is in her blood. But, unfortunately, due to the cases and legal problems, about 3,000 employees lost their jobs. As a result, not only did her fault cases affect Nowhera, but also thousands of families. But her commitment to employees and her mindset will surely make things better.

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