Is Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan Thinking of Resigning as Chancellor?

Is Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

Arif Mohammed Khan, the governor of Kerala, has asked Chief Minister to take over as chancellor of the college. A position held by the Governor in each state. So that no one would challenge political selections and intervention in the colleges” in an unusual action.

Khan has urged the CM to alter the relevant Act. In a hard-hitting letter of today, they are stating that Vijayan would then be able to pursue his political goals without relying on the Governor. Khan expressed his desire to resign as chancellor, citing several concerns with the CPI(M)-led administration. Consider the following points stated by Governor Khan.

Prof Gopinath Ravindran, the Vice-Chancellor of Kannur University, is enjoying his tenure again for another four years this month. Prof. Ravindran’s reinstatement as VC is illegal because he is 60 years old.

Thinking of Resigning as Chancellor?

Ravindran’s reinstatement as V-C coincided with Dr. Priya Varghese’s suspected fraud admission as an assistant professor at the University’s Malayalam Department. She is now with KK Rajesh, a senior CPI(M) Rajya Sabha mp who is now Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s assistant.

“I intend to make transparent that in that situation, I did anything against my best judgment. However, I don’t want to do this stuff any longer.” the Governor said of Kannur V-controversial C’s reappointment.

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan voted down the existing cabinet’s request to call a legislative session of the Legislature. Consider the Union Government‘s new agricultural laws in 2020. Khan says why the Assembly is summoned in the first place. He also questions the administration when the parliament passes such a motion—calling for the Citizenship Act to be repealed by the Centre (CAA). The resolution, Khan claimed, was unlawful.

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