Is Kerala COVID Relaxation a Good Idea?

We have all been battling with the COVID virus for the last two and a half years. The consequences of being affected are catastrophic. Every day we see people struggling to recover from its horrendous grip. All over India, there are around three crores of COVID cases now. That number is drastic and a lot daunting. In entire India, Kerala is one of the first and most affected regions. The first time people got attacked by this onslaught, it was terrifying. The number of deaths in Kerala started with single digits, then double. Hundreds, Thousands, as of today, almost twenty thousand people died. With around thirty-two lakh cases, Kerala is one of the highly affected regions.
As a precaution, the lockdown was set up by the government in the middle of all the chaos. That lockdown helped. We can see the number of cases per day decreasing as every person started staying in their home and maintaining social distancing. The situation comparatively got under control But, today, people started caring less and less about their sanitization. The result of this behavior is shown in the COVID statistics today.
Now, as we can see, with the COVID levels raging back up again, The Kerala government passed a motion indicating that because of Bakrid, they are going to lift the restrictions. And how do you think it is going to affect you?
With the third wave coming onto us soon, the doctors argue that COVID relaxation is a terrible idea. According to them, if the third wave is as horrible as they think it is, then lifting the restrictions will lead to thousands of people falling victim to the virus again. And that is just thinking about one day of relaxation. But with three days, the consequences will be out of the charts in a negative way.

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