Is it the end of the King of Cricket Virat Kohli

Is it the end of the King of Cricket Virat Kohli influence was so strong in 2017 that he canceled a practice game before such a crucial three-match Test series against South Africa to allow his teammates to attend his reception function in Mumbai. India, on the other hand, fought valiantly against South Africa, eventually losing 2-1.

Kohli is still the Test captain four years later, and he has forfeited the white-ball cricket leadership. He has also lost control of Indian cricket as a result of this.

Is it because of his poor form? Or is it because of his aggressive behavior? If not, then is he more focused on his family or corporate commitments to make money?

Kohli’s life came full circle now that he hasn’t gotten a positive result. Indian cricket, which was previously vowed by his identity, has directly notified him that he is not the system. Kohli has disclosed to the world that he is simply a part of the system, following his ODI captaincy snub.

Ravi Shastri, Kohli’s favorite coach and “yes man,” predicted this fall from grace. Despite the positive publicity, Kohli was advised by the former Indian coach to relinquish his white-ball captaincy and concentrate on his batting.

The great Sachin Tendulkar even commented, “Virat hasn’t had a great start. It is the mind that leads to technical errors, and if the start isn’t good, you start thinking about many things. Because anxiety levels are high, you tend to overcompensate for your movements. When a batter isn’t in good form, you either go too far across or don’t move your feet at all. That happens to everyone. The form is also your state of mind along with the body working in harmony”

Kohli, on the other hand, was determined. He was aware of the undercurrent but refused to recognize it, instead offering Rohit Sharma a piecemeal deal by resigning the T20 captaincy exclusively. Finally, with so much money depending on the Indian captain, who would quit a lucrative position like ODI captaincy less than two years before the World Cup?

Thankfully or unfortunately, the BCCI was determined that Kohli was not the way forward in Indian cricket’s shorter formats.

Some players have complained that the skipper doesn’t have time for his teammates since he became as famous as MS Dhoni in Indian cricket and was named captain of the squad in all formats. Many opportunities for the team to dine together were missed because Brand Kohli was preoccupied with his marketing obligations or spending time with his family. Does this all mean the end of the era?

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