India’s first case of XE variant CoronaVirus was reported from Mumbai.  

On Wednesday, the first case of the XE variant of CoronaVirus was detected in Mumbai on 7th April. Amid the chaos of the fourth wave about to reach, this news has put the Mumbaikars in a great dilemma. Last week only the government came up with the measures of relaxation in covid protocols, and not even a week passed, but the city has come up with the deadliest news ever. According to the BMC reports, after 36 tests of verifying the genetic mutant, this result came up where it clearly showed that the person is currently suffering from the hybrid variant. It is also true that the rapid surge of the third wave of Covid19 in India mostly restricted the research fellows to do their job, the rush, the intense pressure of curing so many patients did not ket adequate attention come into being, the way people across the globe involved in research and data producing are doing. BMC has further mentioned one significant thing that the patient is doing all fine by now. No such severity has been notified. According to various detailed data from research fellows of WHO, this particular variant can affect people thrice more than those already existing two variants. It is far more dangerous in terms of its transmissibility and intense sickness. The patient will feel normal for the first few days, but the last days will be harder, as suggested by various data. Currently, the prevailing situation in China and other Asian countries, the death rate might give some hope. 

Still, the rates of people getting affected are not that light. The kind of physical hazards one had to put up with was enormous. Some people even said this variant made them sickest of all. BMC is currently worried about the ongoing seasons of festivities of Ramadan and Navratri. Things have just come to normalcy; schools and other enclosed places have reopened in complete form after two years. If something adverse comes in, that will seriously diminish all the plans and efforts taken by the government and the officials. Though the government had requested the citizens to take care of their health and hygiene, as there is no more compulsion to wear masks, they should not think that covid gas has left the world.  

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