In Thiruvananthapuram, a Man Was Arrested For Stealing a Two-Wheeler

Thiruvananthapuram, A 21-year-old guy was detained on Thursday by medical college police in Thiruvananthapuram for stealing a motorbike from the grounds of the Thiruvananthapuram state medical college hospitals. The accused has been recognized as Adarsh, a city resident from Kalladi Mukham. According to the police, Adarsh was detained about the attempted fraud of a Hero Splendor motorbike on October 20.

The motor belongs to Manacaud resident Rajesh Kumar, who had placed it close to the hospital’s emergency wing. The surveillance video evidence helped the cops identify the suspect. He could not be apprehended at the time since he had fled. They modified the stolen bike and attempted to sell it when they were apprehended. When the shadow cops discovered they were attempting to sell the motorbike, they contacted them as prospective purchasers and detained both of them.

They were arrested and remanded in judicial custody after being brought before the court. Fort SI Vimalkumar, Shadow SI Yasodharan, Gopakumar, and personnel of the shadowing squad were among the police officers on the scene. A team led by Medical College stations headquarters director inspector P Harilal and deputy inspector Prasanth was ultimately able to apprehend the culprit from his hiding place. The defendant was taken into jail and placed in pretrial detention after being arrested.

Because of the enormous number of people that attend the hospital every day, the Medical College hospital grounds are a favorite place for vehicle lifters. Aside from that, there have been incidents of this nature. The police said earlier that they had retrieved two motorcycles from the suspect. The stolen gold was also recovered, which had been deposited with such a private financier in Tamil Nadu. After cops escalated their search for him, the three escaped to Tamil Nadu.

To avoid being apprehended by the police, they decided to travel across a railway track, avoiding inter-state crossings. Even though the cops had already identified their hideaway in Thoothukudi, the trio managed to fool the investigators. They arrived in Kerala by train later that day and were plotting their next attack as they were apprehended.

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