In Thiruvananthapuram, a College Student Was Found Dead in Hostel

Thiruvananthapuram, On Friday, a 19-year-old girl was discovered hanging in her bedroom at the post-matric hostel run by the designated tribe’s technology department in Chavadimukku, in what appeared to be a suicidal case. Reshma, the dead, was the daughter of Gireesan Kani & Lathakumari of Chenthikunnu, Vithura.

The hostel officials discovered Reshma hanging in her bedroom around 4 p.m., according to police. She didn’t show up for a class on Friday. The authorities have initiated an investigation to determine the cause of death.

This 19-year-old graduate student was discovered dead on campus. The girl allegedly died after a fight with her hostel girls at the college accommodation, according to police. Reshma, the deceased, was the son of Reji Benjamin of Error, near Anchal in the Kollam district.

Reshma was an urban college student in her second year of BE Economist. Reshma was discovered on the floor by his pals at 4 p.m., as per the local police. Communities, on the other hand, were the ones who came first and took the girl to the doctor. Thiruvananthapuram Medical College was entrusted with the body.

Even though he was transported to the hospital, the medical staff declared him dead upon reaching. Reshma was a part of the basketball squad at college. For half of his education, he was lodging at the hostel.

Her friends informed authorities that they played a game for over two hours on Friday before he died. Reshma was last seen heading to the first level of the hostel to get cold water to drink, according to her acquaintances. His companions discovered him resting at the bottom of the steps a short time later.

Reshma was found to be Covid positive after her death, according to a test. The police have yet to conduct an inquiry or a post-mortem examination. Suicide cases have been on the rise in recent years.

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