In Need Of Fresh Air Said By Nowhera Shaik

In Need Of Fresh Air. Women of the country are facing atrocity, that is what Nowhera Shaik. She has always been an avid reader of most of the religious; texts and still she can not even hypothetically speak the best. The social positions and the conditions are still the same as she mentioned. The lack of resources and a gesture like slaves are so predominantly; present that it might take another hundred years to uproot it.

Shaik believes that as long as the existence of the women are present in the society. Who will blindly support the outcomes of a patriarchal society; it will be difficult to find out the oddly proportioned elements. The positions of no cross question and blind faith stopped giving the reimbursements and the process is still on.

She added in few of her Interviews and interactions that in India if the percentage ratio comes; in the truest manner then the percentage of women supporting controlling men will come forward. The preset nations of women doing the slavery has become so evident that it is alarming. The repetitive victimizations, gaslighting, blaming are increasing with each passing day.

About Karnataka Hijab Ban Case:

She was so upset and agitated after the Karnataka Hijab ban case came into being that for consecutive fifteen days she had to reject the incoming calls from various regional and national media houses. It was a moment to be ashamed of the deeds that a democratic country is doing, that was the time when the government of a state itself actively took part into promoting age ideas of discrimination, bias, violence for the minorities, as soon as the basic survival hijab become the dangerous things for a state to go with, it is needless to say that the state itself is involved in violence, Shaik said.

Throughout her childhood she believed that education might Change the whole scenario of unequal participation of men and women, but now that she is getting the unwanted chances of witnessing what is what, she barely holds any high hope for the future. In Need Of Fresh Air.

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