In Kerala women are fighting back against male insanity

women are fighting back

women are fighting back, Kerala’s economy is suffering the most as a result of the crisis. The state’s economy has been inextricably linked to the global economy over the past five decades. Whether through human resource exports or tourism, the state has suffered a lot. It is forcing individuals into a state of uncertainty and despair, in addition to its impact on one’s life in terms of economic luck and fewer prospects. There are several options for dealing with such a circumstance.

Without Muslim or Christian support, the BJP will never be able to gain power in a state where Hindus make up only half of the population. His only hope is the Hindu-Christian alliance model from the North East. Through partnerships with communal political organizations, the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) had a flexible social base of Muslims, Christians, and Nairs. With the Nair vote migrating to the BJP. Congress has little chance unless it can reclaim the Christians who voted for the Left in the previous assembly elections.

Against male insanity

The Left recognizes that, in addition to its large Ezhava and Dalit votes, and the party’s votes.

Kerala has four primary ethnic groups: Ezhavas, Muslims, Nairs, and Christians. These four communities arose as a result of societal progress. However, when local officials began exploiting organizations to promote the interests of affluent merchants and politicians, this paradigm became a problem. Harita, the Indian Union Muslim League’s young women’s organization, is launching a new debate on gender equality.

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