In Kerala, 5 police officers were injured, and a jeep was set on fire as workers clashed.

Kerala, Where is India’s future leading to? Can one imagine a disagreement with the Christmas Carol incident turning into violence? Is putting fire on the jeep justified? Are people against migrant workers?

After migrant workers clashed early on December 26 morning in Kalloorkad, sporadic outbursts of violence. Which had resulted in the workers setting fire to a police jeep and attacking police officers who arrived to defuse the situation.

Five police officers were injured. It included a Circle Inspector after two groups of guest workers at Kizhakkambalam in Kerala’s Ernakulam district fought. They opened fire on the police, setting police vehicles on fire.

Following a disagreement over the Christmas Carol music team, the incident occurred on Saturday night. Around 500 guest workers in Kizhakkambalam. They were under the influence of alcohol and working for a well-known private company fought each other.

Police arrived on the scene and attempted to disperse the enraged crowd of guest workers. They pelted the officers with stones and rods. Five police officers were injured and taken to the hospital. Two police jeeps were also set ablaze by the guest workers. The situation was brought under control after a large police; contingent arrived on the scene and lathi-charged the workers.

After workers at a private manufacturing unit (Kitex Garments) turned their wrath on the police, Kalloorkad circle inspector V.T. Shajan was among the injured.

150 guest workers were arrested and are in police custody, according to Ernakulam rural superintendent of police Karthik. Cases have been filed against them. He claimed that the situation spiraled out of control after two groups of workers from the same industry clashed. The police were dispatched to the scene after receiving information from the public. On the other hand, police officers were also assaulted.

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