How Journalist Nedumudi Venu Became An Actor

Journalist Nedumudi Venu

Nedumudi Venu moved to Thiruvananthapuram as a young guy from a small town in Alappuzha’s Kuttanadu to pursue a career in theatre. Nedumudi Venu, along with director G Aravindan, joined Kavalam Narayana Panicker’s theatre ensemble in his twenties.

In a prior interview with Kaumudy TV, the late veteran actor he noted, “Next I was looking for a job to subsist in Thiruvananthapuram.” The senior journalist MS Mani, who was the editor of the weekly news magazine Kalakaumudi, was then introduced to Nedumudi Venu by Aravindan.

Especially Venu is an actor in our theatre,’ said Aravind. He knows Mani Sir well. We wanted that he remain in Thiruvananthapuram. In the mid-1970s, Nedumudi Venu discovered an opportunity in the realm of cinema while juggling a career as a journalist and a theatre performer.

Moreover he was originally cast as the lead actor for Kamal Haasan. Kamal Haasan’ acting is already evident in a number of Tamil and Malayalam films at the time.

Became An Actor

He often goes to movie sets and interviews stars like Sheela, Prem Nazir, and Adoor Bhasi. Moreover He used to go as a part of his vocation as a journalist. He earned his first important role, in the 1978 film Aaravam, during one of these interviews with director Bharathan. I was working as a theatre performer. “Later, he told me about his upcoming film and that he was thinking of Kamal Haasan,” Nedumudi Venu remembered.

He became one of the Malayalam cinema industry’s most renowned, revered, and versatile performers. He acted in nearly 500 films during his career. Which spanned more than four decades and included Malayalam and Tamil films. Numerous memorable originate only with the thoughts, love and emotions of the audience. He demise on Monday, October 11. It will be really interesting to see what unfolds in the future. 

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