How COVID is affecting the people of Kerala.

Since late 2019, COVID has been affecting people all over the world. The deadly virus forced our country into a long down. The pandemic raged on as days passed by, and the number of cases kept increasing every day. Kerala is one of the most affected areas in India. With the COVID virus raising havoc, the lifestyle of every person changed. There was a drop in the income of middle-class families. The entire food system changed.

The everyday laborers started losing their jobs and going into debt. And on top of all this, there was a massive loss of human life. To date, in India, there are around four lakh deaths and three crore cases. That is a considerable number.
The government shut down the schools. Companies started the work-from-home culture. Gyms, temples, bus stations, airports, railway stations, grocery stores, everything came to an end. People started concentrating more on personal hygiene and started using digital money as a no-touch method of financing.

Kerala is one of the majorly affected areas in India. To date, there are around thirty lakh cases in Kerala alone, with over forty thousand deaths. That is almost 10% of the cases in India. A significant spike in the number of patients started on May 20th, 2021. But today, the government of India started taking measures to control this rate of increase. With a restricted lockdown, the number of cases is under control. From April 30th, you can observe the change in several issues. The numbers started decreasing at a rate of 0.2% per day, which is more than any state could ever hope to achieve.

But even with all the precautions set in place, there are still so many deaths surrounding the pandemic. Few people still don’t put on masks and don’t maintain social distancing. So if that continues, then there is no way for Kerala to contain the number of cases. Therefore, people should take necessary measures to ensure their safety.

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