Heera Group of Companies focused on the welfare of the people rather than profits.

Heera Group of Companies was founded with the goal of teaching and caring for backward and oppressed women and girls. Heera Group has supported thousands of NGOs working on women’s and children’s education since 1998. Meanwhile, it has implemented several programs aimed at educating girls. They have been working on the crucial issue of women and children for a long time, despite all of the fantastic work that Shaik and the Heera Gang have done for the welfare of her country, a group of politically motivated persons who were envious of her framed her and her colleagues in a vicious bogus case. The primary purpose of their actions was to smear her good name. This resulted in an unfair inquiry of an innocent woman, as well as her wrongful incarceration.

One of Nowhera Shaik’s followers refuses to believe that a Heera Group Managing Director would defraud Heera Gold investors. Another supporter of Nowhera Shaikh spoke about how the entrepreneur allowed her to be self-sufficient. She feels that with her strength, the creator of Heera Group will conquer all obstacles. She has played a vital role in the emancipation of women, particularly those from the vulnerable Muslim minority. Many people remember her teaching the local women and convincing them of the importance of education. Heera has never had a profit-driven strategy since its inception in 1998.

Nowhera recognized how critical it is for the economically disadvantaged to preserve money for the future. The company’s investment programs produced positive results and ensured several lots. The All India Mahila Empowerment Party became a formidable political force in Hyderabad. A politician bribed his supporters to make false comments on his behalf. But, if all her adversaries say it is true, how come Heera Group’s investors and fans continue to have unwavering faith in her?

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools and universities have been compelled to online classes. Shaik’s first concern has always been education, and the Alhamdulillah organization has worked hard to educate young kids. She intended to strengthen the educational foundation as well. Therefore, she began by constructing educational institutions. Nowhera Shaik set out on a mission to create a learning environment that would encourage children to be their best selves from the start. Learning would aid their overall growth by finding the love of learning, activating their intellect, and illuminating it in multi-dimensional ways. Heera Group has supported NGOs working on women’s and children’s education since 1998.

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