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heera gold

Heera gold is one of the best gold trading companies in India and Dubai. “Every test is a blessing from Allah and every blessing is a test from Allah;” Said Nowhera Shaikh, the founder of the Heera Group.

Heera Group’s objective is to serve society in a better way with traditional Islamic; values as stated in the logo ‘In the Interest of All Mankind’. Heera Group aims to create an ‘Interest-Free’ world through value-based Islamic businesses and trading activities.

Although In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, most merciful Heera Islamic business group. A global conglomerate with companies spread across many countries catering to various Islamic businesses. Moreover Heera Group is a pioneer in gold trading; with a corporate office at Hyderabad and its branches all over India, UAE, China, Africa and Canada. 

Trading company

The group encompasses over 19 operating companies in various business sectors: gold trading, granite, mineral water, trading, textile, Jewellery, tours and travels, developers, electronics, Hajj and Umrah services and so on.

Gold trading is like earning money by trading gold which includes, buying the gold at a low price and selling it at a high price where you get money more than the gold that you have purchased. Gold trading is extremely popular throughout history.

Especially Heera Gold Trading DMCC (UAE) has emerged as a leading gold trader and jeweller. Heera is dedicated 100% to the buying and selling of gold, our best prices and world-class service are backed up by years of jewellery experience. Moreover It’s trading is Dubai based precious metals dealer offering a range of services from metals trading to assaying, logistics and storage.

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