Governor Khan Accused Kerala Government of Endangering The “National Honor And Prestige”

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has leveled serious accusations against the LDF govt in Kerala, claiming that so many things have occurred in the state’s colleges that jeopardize “national honor and respect.” Despite claiming to be informed of some highly damaging information, the governor declared that he must not reveal anything, despite saying that he is afraid to continue as chancellor of colleges, inciting the wrath of the main opposition, the United Democratic Front (UDF).

“I’m not concerned about being the symbolic president of universities,” Khan said to reporters on Thursday. I’ll sign it in ten minutes if they present an ordinance, the governor added. Pushing the govt to modify the Kerala Universities Act and relieve him of his chancellor duties. Khan, who started by stating he doesn’t want a fight with the state administration. He has no negative sentiments for anyone, later admitted to doing anything wrong.

Look at me, I’m no longer a politician, therefore it’s not difficult for me to accept and acknowledge that I made a mistake. I’m taking responsibility for my actions. I had already begun the process of selecting a new VC, but I felt compelled to halt it. And I did it to avoid controversy, but then I understood I’d done a thing wrong. If I’ve done something bad before, there will be pressure on me to do the same bad thing again.

The governor went on to say that he loved his time as chancellor but that he’d had sufficient. Because books are my first love, education is a subject in which I’ll be most engaged. However, I will endeavor to improve educational requirements and education in general. I’d rather not deal with a situation in which the government is just interested in filling specific posts.

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